Royal Cathedral Wedding Veil with Beaded Alencon Lace V3270R

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Beaded Lace Royal Cathedral Wedding Veil

What an elegant Royal Cathedral Length Wedding Veil to complete your bridal ensemble.

This handcrafted wide width wedding veil features gorgeous floral French alencon lace that trails up the bottom of the veil in a beautiful design. The lace reaches a height of 35" at its center peak. Adorned with rhinestones and clear sequins, this veil will provide plenty of sparkle for your walk down the aisle.

It's 120" long and 90" wide size will make it a dramatic presentation for your special day. 

Veil is gathered at top onto a metal comb.

Size: 120" long - Royal cathedral length - and 90" wide.

Color: White, Diamond White (off white), or Ivory.

Style: V3270R.

Do you want to see which color will best match your wedding gown? We can send you free tulle samples upon request.

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