Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Veil Part II

Posted by Malinda Kapfhammer on 19th Feb 2015

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Veil Part II

So many choices! You have so many options when choosing the best veil to complement your wedding dress.

On today's blog we will look at the different ways a veil can be decoratively edged, and how to pick the style that best completes your look.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding the edge you want for your veil:

how elaborate your gown is - do you want your veil to be almost invisible, allowing your gown to shine? Or to add just a little extra sparkle to your ensemble? Or do you want your veil to dress up an understated or non-embellished gown?

the decorative details on your dress -  is your dress or belt decorated with crystals, beads, sequins, rhinestones, embroidery, lace? You might consider having your veil mirror these details.

the color of your dress - if your dress is accented with a silver or gold embroidery (or both), you might want to have a veil with the same colored detailing.

your jewelry and headpiece - you'll want to consider how elaborate your jewelry and headpiece will be as well as if you want your veil to have the same elements they have.

the overall effect of your ensemble - you can have too much going on. Your veil should be a complement to your wedding gown - you don't want the different elements of your ensemble to be competing for attention. 

So what are the options for edging?

cut edge - no edging. This allows the veil to be almost invisible so the gown will shine through.

embroidery pencil edge. This edge will delicately define the edge of the veil.

corded edge. Also called rattail edge or satin corded edge. This edge provides a little more definition to the veil's edge.

ribbon edge. Ribbon edges are available in different widths to add more or less dimension.

rhinestone edge. This trim will add extra sparkle while defining the edge of the veil.

beaded edge. From bugle beads to sequins, rhinestones, pearls and crystals, a beaded edge will add sparkle and a bit of drama to your veil.

embroidery edge. This edge can be simple or elaborate and is usually either the veil color, silver or gold.

lace edge. This edge can coordinate with the lace on the wedding gown or can add an element of lace if there is none on the gown.

So - lots of choices, right? 

Our most popular options are beaded edge veils and lace veils.

We have made separate categories for them so you can find them easier:

The next Choosing Your Veil blog will be all about color.

Need help choosing the best veil for your wedding? Just email us and we'll be happy to help. If you have a picture of your gown, send that along as well!