Beaded French Alencon Lace Royal Cathedral Wedding Veil Extra Width

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 Stunning Lace Royal Cathedral Wedding Veil 

120" long and 90" wide - Extra long and extra wide!

What an elegant partial lace veil to complement your wedding gown.

This handcrafted wedding veil features gorgeous French lace graduated around the edge and in a beautiful arrangement at the sides and center of the bottom. The lace is about 19" high at the highest point of the bottom. The lace begins about 45" from the comb and is delicately accented with rhinestones and clear sequins for just the right amount of sparkle.

This elegant veil will ensure a dramatic walk down the aisle!

Veil is gathered at top onto a metal comb.

Size: Royal cathedral - 120" long and 90" wide. Lace begins 45" from comb.

Color: Ivory.

Style: V3231RU.

A 30" plain cut edge blusher length can be added for $20.00.