Luxembourg Replica 2" Tall CZ Royal Wedding Tiara

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2" Tall CZ Luxembourg Replica Tiara Crown 

This petite replica of the magnificent Luxembourg tiara will take your breath away. The royal Luxembourg Empire tiara is one of the most brilliant tiaras in Europe, and this replica although made on a smaller scale, has been designed to be as close to the look of the original headpiece as possible. This luxury tiara boasts genuine platinum silver plating and AAAAA quality cz crystals. The intricate design spans about 13" across and a stunning  2 1/3" at its center peak.

This tiara will add grandeur to your wedding day ensemble and will be a keepsake to pass on to many generations.

 Color: Silver.

Style: hp1014.

Size: The decorated portion is  2 1/3" tall at the center peak and about 13" around. 

A  fabulous headpiece for your wedding day or quinceanera!

 Shown with cz jewelry set ne1001.

A large 4" tall version of this tiara is available as hp1013 and a 3" tall version as hp1013-3.

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